Salvage Valuation Report / Categorisation / Disposal ~

Q.   Who would use this type of Report?
A.   Solicitors, Insurance Companies, General Public, Trading Standards Departments
Q.   What format would the report take ?
A.   Full inspection of a motor vehicle in order to ascertain the true 'Salvage or Scrap Value' based upon prevailing market trends and false trends brought about through contract salvage disposal schemes. Assessment of the correct salvage category the vehicle should be listed under and where required disposal of salvage using a three tender system to offset against settlement outlay.
Q.   How soon could this report be compiled ?
A.   We can usually carry out this type of inspection within 24 hours. We would normally hope to finalise the report within 3 days of inspection.
Q.   How much does this type of report cost ?
A.   Please contact Mark Willis directly on: 0151 426 6113 for further details.