Motor Vehicle Re-Insurance Report ~

Q.   Who would use this type of Report?
A.   General Public / Insurance Companies
Q.   What information would the report contain?
This report is usually requested by a member of the public in order to satisfy his/her insurance company that the vehicle is in a satisfactory condition for re-insuring following alterations to the vehicle.
Alterations can include :-
1.   change of engine or capacity
2.   if the vehicle has been written off and repaired by the owner or his/her agent
3.   changes to the vehicles braking system
4.   modifications to the bodywork
5.   kit car conversions
6.   changes to the seating capacity
7.   changes in the type of use
Q.   How long would it take to have the vehicle inspected ?
A.   We can usually carry out this type of inspection within 48 hours and send off the report direct to the insurance company from the place of examination.
Q.   How much does this type of report cost ?
A.   Please contact Mark Willis directly on: 0151 426 6113 for further details.