Accident Locus and Photographs Report ~

Q.   Who would use this type of Report?
A.   Solicitors, Insurance Companies, Accident Management Companies, Arbitration Services.
Q.   What information would the report contain?
A.   A full detailed examination of the accident scene with supporting photographs to include: type of road and surface, speed limit, roadside and kerbside furniture, warning signs, road markings, lighting, adjacent junctions and measurements. In addition to the basic report we are also able to provide an opinion as to liability based upon perusal of witnesses statements and police reports.
Q.   How soon could this report be compiled ?
A.   We can usually carry out this type of inspections within 48 hours and forward a report and photographs within one week.
Q.   How much does this type of report cost ?
A.   Please contact Mark Willis directly on: 0151 426 6113 for further details.
    see also Accident Investigation & Reconstruction Report