End of Hire/Lease Valuation & Appraisal Report ~

Q.   Who would use this type of Report?
A.   Fleet Operators, Insurance Companies, Finance Houses
Q.   What information would the report contain?
A.   A full appraisal of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles including : general condition, full specification, cost when new, current value, G.V.W., road worthiness, work required prior to return of vehicle/s, cost of work. If required we can arrange a full restoration of a fleet prior to off hiring so as to prevent any penalties under the terms of the agreement. In addition, we would be able to make substantial savings on the cost of refurbishment.
Q.   How long would it take to have the vehicle/s inspected.
A.   We can usually carry out this type of inspection within 48 hours and forward the report from the place of examination
Q.   How much does this type of report cost ?
A.   Please contact Mark Willis directly on: 0151 426 6113 for further details.